Set of Four Fruit Theme Reusable Cleanup Cloths


Buh bye Bounty!

Say goodbye to ever buying paper towels, ever again. Just ONE of these amazing cloths replaces at least 17 ROLLS of paper towel, and this set includes 4 different designs, for use all over your house.  That's at least 68 rolls of paper towel eliminated from the waste stream, and these take up a fraction of the space too, so they are perfect for the car and picnics too. 

Made of 70% sustainably harvested wood pulp, 30% cotton, these incredibly durable and ultra absorbent cloths can do everything paper towel can do, plus lots more you would never try with tearable paper towel.

Each cloth can hold 20 times it's weight in liquid. Then just wring and rinse and use again. And again. And again. Once it's ready for a serious wash, just put it in the laundry or even in the dishwasher with your dishes. Microwave it to sterilize if you want. When you're ready to dispose of it, it's 100% biodegradable and compostable!

Each cloth measures 8" x 6.75" and comes with complete care instructions.

Made in Sweden