• Splatter Little Earthenware Bowl
  • Splatter Little Earthenware Bowl

Splatter Little Earthenware Bowl


A million uses.

These little bowls are slab built (so, not created on a wheel) which means each shape is completely one of a kind and organic, matching the handwork of the ceramicist. The result is a neat little bowl that fits magically in your hands and has a literally endless list of uses.

I bought them because they are perfect for fitting under the unscented pillar candles Arcadia has sold for decades. It's been years since I had a supplier for a candle dish that was affordable, beautiful and functional. Here it is.

The ceramicist designed these as dipping bowls - perfect for olive oil, salsa, really anything.

They would also make perfect little catch alls for the bedside, holding earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watch, etc.

They would even work well for serving desserts - and at this price, you could order enough for a table setting.

Because it is made with earthenware, it is lighter weight than an equivalent piece in stoneware. Still totally dishwasher and food safe, it's less resistant to intense heat than stoneware so avoid putting it into the microwave, which heats the ceramic before the liquid inside.

Measures approximately 5" in diameter, 1.5" high, and weighs 5 ounces.

Handmade in Pennsylvania