The Dance by David Scarbie Mitchell


David Mitchell, a seasonal Provincetown resident since 1998, also known by many in Provincetown as Scarbie, “the one with the hats on the pink Schwinn,” has a life-long history working in clay including time creating ceramic vessels at NYC’s historic Greenwich House Pottery, evolving into a figurative sculptor during his education at Skidmore College.

The works are stoneware fired to cone one then layered with oil wash until achieving a finish resembling metallic antiquities.  Each sculpture is a fragmented moving figure whose “missing parts” are as important as what is present.  David explains, “The missing portions of the figure engage your imagination to picture the piece as if it were whole, much like one does with ancient damaged statuary.”  Further, “I always include the neck and chin, because it is such an expressive portion of the anatomy.”

The work is designed to swivel to any position you prefer on the pedestal rods, and are removable from the pedestal. Each piece contains seven clay beads which create sound when handled, creating an intriguing musical quality.

Sculpture measures 25" tall at the tallest point including the pedestal, which measures 9" square. The sculpture's longest horizontal measurement is 14" when both pieces are facing the same direction, from one arm to the opposite arm and measures 18" tall including the pedestal rod. Total piece with pedestal weighs 13 lbs.