Tower of David Stacking Havdalah Set


An iconic part of Jerusalem preserved in ceramic and placed at the center of a wonderful Sabbath ritual.

The "havdalah" or dividing ceremony is the ritual which brings the Jewish Sabbath and holidays to an end, using wine, fire and fragrant herbs. This stacking set includes everything needed for a traditional havdalah ceremony;

- A large wine cup, inscribed with "HaMavdil bain kodesh v'chol" or "He who divides between holy and common", and a large high rimmed saucer (many communities have a tradition that the wine cup is poured to overflowing and the flames extinguished in the spilled wine within the saucer at the end of the ceremony).

- A spice box, inscribed with "Besamim" or fragrant spices, which slips inside the wine cup for storage between usage, helping to keep the spices fresh and fragrant longer. Little windows on the sides let fragrance out but keep the spices safely within. The spices are added through a rubber gasket on the bottom. The fragrant spices are to literally revive the soul, like smelling salts but far more pleasant.

- A candle holder, inscribed with "Aish" or fire. The candle holder rests atop the wine cup when not in use, protecting the spice box and creating the Tower of David. The traditional braided candle used for havdalah, typically with at least 3 wicks and often as many as 7, will fit perfectly inside the holder, which has a drip guard, a particularly useful design element since these candles are notoriously drippy and pre-bar and bat mitzvah age children are often given the task of holding the candle during the ceremony.

Tower measures 6.5" tall fully assembled. The saucer measures 6.25" in diameter. The cup is 3.25" tall and 2.5" in diameter. The spice container is 2.75" tall by 1.75" in diameter. The candle holder is 3.5" tall and 2.75" in diameter. The entire set weighs 12 ounces.

Handmade in New York