Twelve Days of Christmas Egg Ornament Gift Set

Be one of the lucky few to own the complete set.

Exclusively at Arcadia, all twelve days of Christmas, recreated in extraordinary functional artistry within goose eggs and duck eggs, are available in a beautiful reclaimed wood keepsake box, which comes with its own incredible Provincetown story.

Real goose and duck eggs are carefully sliced lengthwise, a detailed diorama constructed within, to create these truly unique Christmas ornaments.The eggs are coated with many layers of paint and gesso to stiffen and protect them. The dioramas are created using found objects from the artist's garden, ceramics, resin, wood, fabrics, metal and even dryer lint and seeds. The dioramas are sealed into the egg with a pane of custom cut glass, and each egg comes with a secure loop and an ornamental hook for proper display on your tree.

Guaranteed to become a family heirloom, this gift set comes complete with an artist statement for each egg on the inside of the cover, which also holds the ornamental hooks for safe keeping when the ornaments are not in use.

The gift box is handcrafted by a local woodworker using reclaimed wood from an old house here in Provincetown. Box secures with a center latch. 

Eggs handmade in Oakland, California, box made on Cape Cod, MA.