Upcycled National Cash Register Cuffs


Victorian capitalist debris as wearable art.

National Cash Register produced the very first "Incorruptable Cashier Machine" in Dayton, Ohio, starting in 1879. Highly decorative and meant to fit into Victorian era retail environments, these heavy bronze machines became the industry standard around the world, with technology that barely changed until the mid-20th Century.

These cuffs are made from the decorative trim off the registers, rescued from the dump, carefully cleaned, cut, forged and given new life as a fun and functional cuff.

Cuffs measure 1/2" in width, weigh approximately 2 ounces, and are not easily adjusted as they are made from solid bronze. The medium size fits my wrist perfectly; the small should fit most smaller wrists comfortably.

Bronze is made predominantly of copper with some tin but may contain traces of other metals and may cause skin reaction for those with specific metal sensitivities. Coating the interior with clear nail polish or products like Jewelry Shield, in most cases, will prevent a reaction.

Handmade in Minnesota