Upcycled Cymbal Metal Cuffs


20th Century musical debris as wearable art.

Old musical cymbals are rescued from the dump, carefully cleaned, cut, forged and given new life as a fun and functional cuff. Original scorings and printing is still visible.

Cuffs measure from 5/8 to 3/4" in width. Sizing is mostly for a medium sized wrist, but these cuffs are completely flexible - just squeeze a bit or pull to shape as needed. They should fit even the biggest wrist with shaping, and should most smaller wrists easily with a quick squeeze.

Cymbals are made from bronze, brass and nickel silver and may cause skin reaction for those with specific metal sensitivities. Coating the interior with clear nail polish or products like Jewelry Shield, in most cases, will prevent a reaction.

Handmade in Minnesota