• Wrought Iron Curvy Taper Holder Pair

Wrought Iron Curvy Taper Holder Pair


A thick cable of wrought iron is carefully twisted into an elegant curved shape, then capped with a substantial taper holder - no wilting candles here.

These taper holders were originally designed as a wedding present from the maker to good friends. Each holder is unique and one of a kind, just like his friends, so no two ever match, nor should they, but they are perfect together.

Place them together on the table, with their twists interlocking like a loving couple, or on either end of the table - no matter how you use them, they will look elegant, tasteful and timeless.

One holder measures 5" at the widest point, 4.5" tall, one measures 4" at the widest point, 4" tall and they weigh 1.25 lbs total.

Handcrafted in Vermont