• Wrought Iron Seder Plate
  • Wrought Iron Seder Plate

Wrought Iron Seder Plate


An ancient symbol re-imagined for the modern age.

The seder plate is the literal centerpiece of the traditional Passover meal, taking center stage on the table to display the key elements of the ceremonial meal. Handmade wrought iron is carefully forged to create this minimalist and modestly sized plate so that the focus is on the food - but you and your guests will surely appreciate the perfect design sense to the plate as well.

Six curved dishes are attached to a simple metal ring, with separate etched glass plates resting within each dish to hold the food, making for easy serving and clean up. Unlike sterling silver, wrought iron requires no cleaning. Either leave it to age gracefully over time or go over it with WD40 then a dry paper towel to wipe away any excess, once per year.

Plate measures 10" in diameter by 1.5" wide, cups measure 3.5" in diameter and the plate weighs 4lbs.

Note that the glass plates are clear with white etched lettering; images merely show reflections of nearby items.

Handmade in Vermont