• Wool Felt Set of Three Dryer Balls

Wool Felt Set of Three Dryer Balls


Chuck 'em in and watch the magic happen.

Wool felt from Canada is rolled into oversized 2.75" diameter balls. Each set of 3 balls reduced typical drying time by 30-50%, reduced wrinkles in clothing, helps to prevent static, lasts for between 500-1000 loads of laundry, and is totally safe for people with sensitive skin because they add nothing to clothing - they just work like magic.

These are not like the dryer balls you can buy on Amazon for, admittedly, 20-30% less.

Tightly packed, double the size of most mass produced dryer balls, and most importantly, made of ethically harvested wool in an ethical production process in Canada, these dryer balls will last up to twice as long as mass produced dryer balls made overseas.

Buy them, enjoy the time and energy savings.

Handmade in Canada