Handmade Witch Brooms


"I'll get you, my pretty!" "OMG - it's a Thunderbolt VII!!!" "Oh damn, look at those cobwebs". Now you have the perfect broom for all these phrases.

Handmade by a master artisan from Kentucky, these are truly one of a kind functional works of art. Classically known as a cobweb broom because the cylindrical shape allows you to get into the corners where cobwebs gather, these brooms are of course better known as the ultimate ride for witches, wizards and others of the magical flying orders.

Using centuries old hand weaving techniques, these brooms are made of black dyed soft broom corn, which is a type of sorghum which has a superb ability to lift dust, dirt and sand out of any crevice in a light stroke. Colored broom corn surrounds black dyed broom corn on the colored options.  The dyes are colorfast.

The handle is beautifully finished, reclaimed hardwood from strip mines in Kentucky - naturally shaped by choking vines that twist the limbs into spirals that fit almost magically in your hands. Because this is reclaimed wood, each one is totally one of a kind, just like the ones available for sale in Diagon Alley.

Measures 46" to 55” long by 10” in diameter at the cone shaped sweep, woven with durable black cording, with an integrated leather loop on the solid hardwood stick for display/storage. For best long term use, dip the edge into water briefly and then hang to dry every 6 months. Store in a cool, dry place and avoid leaving in a routinely wet area such as a porch. A well maintained broom can last decades or more.

Made in Kentucky