Recycled Steel Anchor Doorstop


Drop anchor and never worry about the wind again.

This steel anchor is custom made exclusively for Arcadia from reclaimed metal from old farm equipment from Pennsylvania. Carefully cut and shaped, painted and sealed with heavy lacquer and soldered to a solid flat steel plate for decades of resisting even the stiffest winds, this is one for the ages.

This is the doorstop we use both at home and at the store. Despite literally thousands of people coming through our store door over the years, we've had almost zero customers tripping over it - because of the angling of the anchor against the door and the curvature of the bottom of the anchor. The design minimizes the likelihood of stubbing your toes. Simple but very effective!

Weighing in at a substantial 6 pounds, it measures approximately 9" in height, 10" at the widest point, and stands on a base measuring 8" by 4.5".

Made in Pennsylvania