• PTown Revolution Tank Tops
  • PTown Revolution Tank Tops
  • PTown Revolution Tank Tops

PTown Revolution Tank Tops


Revolution, Provincetown style. 

A reimagining of the classic painting of Washington crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Luetze, with a truly Provincetown twist. The full rainbow kaleidoscope of the LGBTQ community row out on a fishing vessel from the safety of Provincetown harbor to defend and protect our liberties wherever they are threatened. 

This design was imagined by me shortly after the town announced the theme for 2024 Carnival, Renaissance and Revolution. Knowing we have enough powdered wigs in town already, I decided to focus on the Revolution element. With the increasing threat to queer rights in America today, especially trans rights (note the trans teens at the center, holding the American flag), and the importance of this coming election, I thought this was a great way to make a fun but timely and meaningful statement.

I also wanted to help us reclaim the American flag as a symbol of ALL Americans, not just those on the right. Let's show the world what we're about - one amazing technicolor group of people who believe in human rights, civil rights, and the never-ending project of America. 

Appropriately, the artwork was done by an amazing queer/trans Boston based illustrator I met last year at the Bear Market, Lee Ingraham. He's got an amazing way with color and a wicked sense of humor and was a blast to work with. I hope to have more collaborations with him in the near future. Check out his work in his Etsy shop and on IG at LeeDrawsPics. 

Shirts are American made Bella Canvas shirts, 52% cotton/48% polyester for super softness and durability with no shrinking over time. 

Printed on Cape Cod