Blue Totally Unnatural Materials Whale


Upcycling taken to an entirely new level.

The whale is made of the following ingredients: bottle cap, life jacket stuffing, tarp, balloon ribbon, beach umbrella fabric, life raft, mylar balloons, plastic bags, plastic straws, rope and fishing line, some of which is from Provincetown's own Center for Coastal Studies Marine Entanglement rescue program, saving marine animals from wayward fishing line, rope and other debris that traps, injures and often kills them.

It is mounted on a simple re-purposed metal pole which allows the whale to swivel 360 degrees at a height of 13.5" or in a fixed position at 2.5" above the wooden base, which is 1.5" tall and is made from re-purposed exotic hardwood originally used in a local shipyard near the artist's home on Long Island, NY.

Whale measures 15" from tip to tail, 6" wide and 7" tall (including spout) and weighs 2.5 lbs including the base. Sculpture stands 20" tall or 10" tall, depending on how you decide to display it.

Handmade by Cindy Pease Roe of NY and available exclusively at Arcadia.