Driftwood Whales


Quintessentially Provincetown.

Handmade by a woodworker from driftwood he collects from across New England beaches, each whale is completely unique with the natural patterns of the wood dictating the shape of each piece.

Lightweight, with a secure metal wire loop for easy display, these will fit in anywhere in your home either individually or as a pod. Just like real whales, no two are ever the same so you can really have fun arranging a wall display of different shapes, sizes and textures.

Each piece is signed and dated by the artist and labeled with the source of the driftwood.

Smalls measure between 11-12" long by 3-4" tall by 1.25-2.5" thick and weigh between 5oz and a pound, depending on size and density of the wood.

Mediums measure between 15-18.5" long by 5-8" tall by 1-2.5" thick and weigh between 12oz and 2lbs, depending on size and density of the wood.

Handmade in Connecticut.