Hand Loomed Unmercerized Cotton Towels


Functional local art.

Donna McLaughlin, a part time year-round Truro resident, looms these magnificent towels from 100% unmercerized cotton, which has not been stripped of its protective outer coating. This was why denim jeans were so revolutionary when first made in the 19th century - they were made of unmercerized cotton, which is incredibly durable, while still absorbent and machine washable (no ironing needed!).

The yarns are loomed on a hand loom then hand finished with a loop for hanging and machine washed to test for color fastness; every detail has been thought out. No two are typically alike, although I try to match up coordinating and similar patterns and colors for those interested in purchasing pairs.

Towels measure approximately 16-17" by 24-25".

Handmade in Truro, MA