Handmade Humpback Knives from Cape Cod Cutlery


Handmade right here on the Cape, offered for the first time ever in a store in Provincetown - these are the real deal.

Made from hand ground, double tempered, high carbon stainless steel for just the right amount of strength vs stain resistance with custom carved hardwood handles that are made and assembled by the knifesmiths. Fred and Tom personally guarantee every inch of their work, which should last a lifetime.

The Humpback knife is a perfect chopping/dicing Asian style kitchen knife with an ergonomic and balanced handle - it will quickly become one of your favorites. For a gift set option consider adding the 8" Chefs knife - a classic chef's knife.

Knife blade measures 5", handle is 4" for a total length of approximately 9", and weighs a comfortable 6 ounces. Blade is right bezel (for righties). Left bezel can be special ordered.

Special orders welcomed at no extra charge. Care instructions included with every purchase.

Handmade on Cape Cod