• Lovett Sundries Unscented Laundry Powder

Lovett Sundries Unscented Laundry Powder


Let me change the way you do laundry forever.

Last year I decided to try to eliminate as much single use plastic from our home as possible. I grew up with powdered laundry detergent, so I thought that would be an easy swap instead of pods or bottles of liquid. I looked in every single supermarket on the Outer Cape and found not a single powdered option. Zip. Nada. So when I came across Lovett Sundries laundry soap, I talked with Jeff Lovett, the creator, I was immediately interested.

Jeff uses simple, effective ingredients and nothing else in his recipe which he makes himself. It's just baking soda, borax and coconut soap, which is made up of RSPO Certified sustainable and Orangutan safe coconut oil, filtered water, and lye.

No perfumes, no tetrahexylpoly blah blah blech. AND NOT A SCRAP OF PLASTIC ANYWHERE. It comes in a tin. You use 2 standard tablespoons per load (3 if it's really a mess). Most importantly, this stuff works. We tested it on all our various types of clothing - sheets/towels, dog stuff, jeans and gym clothing, and regular tees and shirts and underwear. Everything came out great - nice and clean, no problem at all. No residue in the machine or on clothing. No perfumey smell. Just CLEAN. I put it directly into the machine along with standard baking soda (which we used with liquid too).

Is it more expensive than Tide Pods? Yup. But I'm happy to trade convenience of the microplastic coated pods (that may dissolve in the wash but are environmentally persistent like all microplastic) for the knowledge that my laundry is not contributing to the plastic disaster all around us.

Start with a 1.5lb tin, which officially gives you 17 loads, but if you're careful with your measuring you may get a few more. Then, once you're in love, bring your tin into the store for a refill at a substantial discount, or purchase a larger paper bag refill online or in store at an even bigger discount.

Plastic free is a good thing. Clean laundry is even better.

Made in Pittsburgh, PA