• Niobium, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Ring

Niobium, Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Ring


Not merely created; engineered.

A solid Niobium band is wrapped in sterling silver, then riveted together using 14K gold rivets, carefully hand hammered into place. The contrasting colors of dark niobium with the white sterling and warm yellow gold make this ring both eye catching and different.

Niobium is a perfect metal for those who have metals allergies - it is not an alloy mixed with other metals (niobium is an element on the periodic table) and is completely innert and non-reactive. It is often used in medical technologies such as pacemakers.

The ring measures 7MM in width, 1MM in thickness and is available in stock in a size 9 (US). Other sizes can be easily and quickly ordered. This ring can also be ordered in a 5MM width in the same design, or with yellow or red gold in place of sterling silver. Please email or call for easy and quick ordering.

Handmade in Martha's Vineyard, MA