Organic Cotton Produce Bags


S.O.S. Save Our Spinach.

Tired of tired celery? Yellowed broccoli? Wilted carrots? You need this bag.

Made of US grown organic cotton terry, sewn by an employee owned North Carolina factory, these bags will double to triple the lifetime of your veggies in your fridge, keeping them fresh and ready to eat so you're not constantly composting expensive but unusable food, or worse, chucking it into the garbage.

It's simple. Plastic bags kill your veggies. Don't use them (remember, we hate plastic). They trap all the moisture and gasses that naturally escape your veggies and fruit, speeding up decomposition.

Here's how it works.

  • Go shopping. When you get home, instead of throwing everything in their plastic single use bags right into the fridge, you take them out of the bag.
  • Grab a bag of the appropriate size. Wet the bag and wring it out. This creates a breathable but moist environment for your veggies to thrive in.
  • Rinse your veggies thoroughly, as if you were about to eat them. Remove any damaged parts - you just want the good stuff. Just shake dry - no need to pull out the salad spinner.
  • Pop your veggies in the bag (it's okay to mix them together in one bag, really!), store the bag in the main compartment of your fridge or in a drawer that is left slightly open. Check the bag every few days; when it's dry, just run it under the faucet to get it wet again, veggies and all.
  • Eat your fresh veggies!

Clean up couldn't be easier. It's cotton - just throw them in the wash with your whites. Totally machine washable and dryer safe. If they get stained, use an oxygen bleach or a solution of 1 cup hydrogen peroxide with 2 Tbs washing soda. Let it soak 24 hours then wash with your laundry.

Standard measures 11" x 12" and is perfect for carrots, spinach, a head of lettuce, cucumbers, zucchinis and peppers.

Large measures 11" x 17" and is perfect for large leafy lettuces, kale, celery, monster zucchini and a bigger quantities of loose veggies.

Extra Large measures 14" x 17" and is perfect for storing large quantities of virtually any veggies. Stock up at the farmers market and don't worry about spoilage. You'll be in lettuce for up to two weeks!

Made in North Carolina