Pint Sized Ice Cream Buckets


Classy, sassy, and so much fun!

A polished, recycled aluminum ice cream bucket with scoop, perfect for those of us for whom pint containers are a single serving container (who, me?!?). Also great for those folks who like to serve dessert in a more elegant container than the cardboard it comes in.

Simply slip the standard pint sized ice cream or frozen yogurt (yes, I will admit, it holds yogurt too - but are you SURE you don't want ice cream?) container into the bucket and serve, or store the dessert of your choice in the bucket in the freezer. The metal will keep the dessert cold far longer while it gets passed down the table to everyone.

An excellent birthday present, or buy two and get the lids engraved for a wedding present - so they start out with no fighting over dessert!

Container measures approximately 5" high by 5" wide at the widest point.  Colored options are painted enamel over aluminum. Weighs 1lb 3oz.

Made of recycled aluminum in India. Hand wash.