Splatter Square Earthenware Mugs


You'll never set them down.

These mugs are slab built (so, not created on a wheel) which means each shape is completely one of a kind and organic, matching the handwork of the ceramicist. The result is a squared out mug that literally fits in your hands so well you will never want to set it down.

The handle is a simple ring of ceramic, which you will probably only use to grab it off the shelf. You will want to cradle this mug in both hands, especially since it can hold 15-16 ounces.

Because it is made with earthenware, it is lighter weight than an equivalent sized mug in stoneware. Still totally dishwasher and food safe, it's less resistant to intense heat than stoneware so avoid putting it into the microwave, which heats the ceramic before the liquid inside.

Measures approximately 4.5" high, 4" square at the lip, 2.5" square at the base, and weighs 12 ounces empty.

Handmade in Pennsylvania