Splatter Square Earthenware Plates


Fun and oh so functional.

These plates are slab built (so, not created on a wheel) which means each shape is completely one of a kind and organic, matching the handwork of the ceramicist, yet remarkably stackable and uniform, so great in sets.

Perfect as a serving dish, and with a gently curved lip, it will contain liquids well. It will also look amazing out on a counter or on a plate stand on a shelf as a pop of amazing color.

Because it is made with earthenware, it is lighter weight than an equivalent sized plate in stoneware. Still totally dishwasher and food safe, it's less resistant to intense heat than stoneware so avoid putting it into the microwave, which heats the ceramic before the food resting on it.

Measures approximately 9.75" square by 1/2" high, and weighs 1 lb 3oz.

Handmade in Pennsylvania