• Traditional Broomcorn Basic Hand Broom
  • Traditional Broomcorn Basic Hand Broom

Traditional Broomcorn Basic Hand Broom


A functional work of art, to be used for generations to come.

Like it's more fabulous sibling, the Turkey Wing, the basic hand broom is designed for every day use everywhere in the home or at the workbench (it's the hand broom the broom maker keeps in his car for periodic clean up). With amazing hand plaited handle top and multicolored cord binding that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and holds the broomcoorn firmly together, this hand broom gets into smaller corners and makes clean up a joy. Each broom comes with a firmly attached leather thong for displaying on a wall as the artwork it truly is.

Properly maintained, a broomcorn hand broom can easily last for many generations even with very regular use. Always use the firmly attached leather thong to hang this and all broomcorn brooms on a wall in a dry part of your home when not in use. Once every 6 months, dip the tip into water, shake firmly, and return to its hook to air dry. That's all the "maintenance", and in exchange you will have a hand broom for decades of regular use.

Measures 11" long by 7" wide at the widest point, with a 1.5" diameter handle and a 2" long leather thong for hanging and displaying. Weighs only 5 ounces.

Handmade in Kentucky